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Website & Mobile App Development

We collaborated with a prominent New Zealand media company to develop a Netflix-style video platform via a new app and website.

Website & Mobile App Development

The Assignment

Warp was approached by a well-known New Zealand media company who has been producing quality video content for 20 years to develop a new App and Website to act as a Netflix style video platform.

A little more context

The client’s video content is currently hosted on YouTube, which is an excellent platform for hosting publicly available videos. The advertising revenue from these videos plays a large part in funding the production of new content.

There were discussions about implementing an alternate system of hosting videos with Warp to avoid the reliance on a third-party platform, and to gain more flexibility in the way the videos can be displayed to users.

Website & Mobile App Development

Website Development

We developed the App and Website front-end as a Progressive Web App or PWA. This provides a significant advantage over other methods by allowing a shared code base to server all three platforms we are targeting - Web, Android, and iOS.

The backend, which is built on Laravel, allows API access to the App to list videos and other content. Administrators use this to add and update the content which is displayed across all three App platforms.

The key technologies used for the App are VueJS, and CapacitorJS.

VueJS was chosen as it allows for rapid development, while also maintaining a clean code base, and higher performance than alternatives. CapacitorJS allows for the shared code base to be built into Native Android and iOS apps which can be deployed to their respective app stores.

Website & Mobile App Development

The development of Native Mobile Apps

The need for Native Mobile Apps has shifted from originally being the only option for getting app-like functionality on mobile devices, to being a common interface and marketing tool for App owners. 100% of the functionality which is present in the Native app versions of this app is also available in the PWA version. Deployment of PWAs is also much easier, as they simply present themselves as a website.

If the device supports additional features such as installation for offline use, or device sensor access, then the website will "progressively enhance" to allow use of these features. There is no requirement for submission to a review process or filling out additional marketing content when deploying a Progeressive Web Application (PWA), unlike with the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

Users are however familiar with the process of using app stores, and often use the app store search functionality to find apps that they may not have otherwise seen. For this reason, it was still worth deploying to the native app stores, and by using a PWA in combination with CapacitorJS the barrier to entry is much lower.

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Why choose Warp Speed Computers?

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